VIDEO: Job Interview Questions Revealed

Part 2 of my job interview success talk with expert Debra Barit

Watch my video above to find out:

  • the best way to prepare mentally for your job interview
  • the first question employers usually ask you
  • the most common job interview questions employers ask
  • about a fantastic new app you can use to practise your ‘pitch’ for your interview

Esther: Q4  I know it is really important to prepare yourself mentally for a job interview situation. What do you suggest is the most important way to prepare yourself mentally?


 Think from the employer’s perspective. Most important – what’s in it for the employer?

Also think what skills and experience do you have that the employer wants to buy. List these in your mind when preparing in the order of importance to the employer

Thirdly, the mindset that you go into the interview with is vital.

80% of what you deliver and how you present is based on what you think of yourself.

20% is about your knowledge.

Have to go in with a positive mind set of ‘I can do this job.”

English as second language speakers often have the attitude that their English and speech is not so good and have low confidence.

Esther: Your attitude is very important. I worked with a lawyer who was from Bulgaria and whose English was good, but she lacked confidence because of her accent in English. She wanted to do a PHD at university and was concerned about her pronunciation in the interview. She used my accent training program and said that she liked that she could copy the trainer and change her pronunciation that way. In the end, she went for the interview to present her PHD thesis idea and was really excited that she was accepted. I was really pleased for her.

Esther: Q5  Debra, and last but not least as they say,  what question is usually the first thing employers ask in an interview situation?

Debra: “Tell me a bit about yourself ?”

Esther: Of course! So what’s the best way to answer this?

Debra: The answer has to be concise but also be worded to show your value to the company.

You need to sound like you. Not rehearsed- has to be natural and flowing

Because of this I created special app for smartphones – very excited.

It’s called ‘my pitch’

It has special features such as :

Gives you direction on how to create your own answer

You can video yourself telling a bit about yourself and can see if you need to change something.

I have included examples of good and not good answers or pitches.

Esther: What’s the app called again?

Debra: My pitch

Esther: So now as well as your book about impressive interviews you also have an app. I’m very exciting to hear about that, not just because it’s a great app for your pitch. It is also a great tool if you have an accent in English. You can use it to video yourself and notice what you need to work on to be clearer. Then you can just use the part of my accent reduction program you specifically need to use, and get feedback straight away. That will speed up progress both with your accent and your interview skills! That’s brilliant.

Debra thank you for all your fantastic insights and great practical tips and your expertise. And thank you for taking time out of your busy schedule to speak to us.  I have enjoyed it very much.

Bye for now,



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