How To Learn an English Accent Using 12 Phrases

How to Learn An Eng­lish Accent using 12 phras­es – Audio Les­son

Well you might won­der about how to learn an Eng­lish accent using 12 Eng­lish phras­es. It all start­ed when a cus­tomer asked a ques­tion!

He was actu­al­ly ask­ing about phrasal verbs, and as I answered him, I realised that in just 12 phras­es you can prac­tise how to learn an Eng­lish accent. Not only that, but you can also add some cool phras­es and idioms to your Eng­lish, and get some advanced  lev­el Eng­lish stress and rhythm prac­tise!

I like the way you can join a verb and a prepo­si­tion or adverb in Eng­lish and come up with a dif­fer­ent mean­ing than the mean­ing of the words them­selves. In the pre­vi­ous sen­tence the phrase ‘come up ‘ is an exam­ple. Eng­lish uses this all the time and we're going to use these to learn an Eng­lish accent.

Fol­low­ing is my audio les­son, and you will find the phras­es and sen­tences below.


Learn An Eng­lish Accent Using 12 Phras­es

Phras­es And Sen­tences

ran into             I ran into my cousin at the cafe the oth­er day.

pulled up       The  police even­tu­al­ly pulled up the speed­ing car.          I found a park­ing spot, and

pulled up exact­ly out­side his office.

showed up     I'm glad you final­ly decid­ed to show up for our rehearsal.

talked into    I was talked into going even though I would've rather stayed home.

car­ry on         They car­ried on to their des­ti­na­tion despite the hail and sleet.      The 2 year old car­ried on ter­ri­bly when he couldn't

have a cook­ie. (car­ry on here means to behave bad­ly or mis­chie­vous­ly)

run around   The phone com­pa­ny gave me the run around when I tried to get my con­nec­tion fixed.

( to delay, dodge or frus­trate some­one by pro­vid­ing use­less infor­ma­tion or direc­tions).

get through      I got through all my work just in time to catch the last train.

get down          I get down some­times (feel sad or depressed).

catch up            I enjoyed catch­ing up with some friends the oth­er day.

hold on               Hold on a minute till I fin­ish my con­fer­ence call.

get ahead        She final­ly got ahead, and got the man­age­r­i­al job she had always want­ed.

had by                  I was had by the unscrupu­lous sales­man! (tricked )

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