Well you might wonder about how to learn an English accent using 12 English phrases. It all started when a customer asked a question!

He was actually asking about phrasal verbs, and as I answered him, I realised that in just 12 phrases you can practise how to learn an English accent. Not only that, but you can also add some cool phrases and idioms to your English, and get some advanced  level English stress and rhythm practise!

I like the way you can join a verb and a preposition or adverb in English and come up with a different meaning than the meaning of the words themselves. In the previous sentence the phrase ‘come up ‘ is an example. English uses this all the time and we’re going to use these to learn an English accent.

Following is my audio lesson, and you will find the phrases and sentences below.


Learn An English Accent Using 12 Phrases

Phrases And Sentences

ran into             I ran into my cousin at the cafe the other day.

pulled up       The  police eventually pulled up the speeding car.          I found a parking spot, and

pulled up exactly outside his office.

showed up     I’m glad you finally decided to show up for our rehearsal.

talked into    I was talked into going even though I would’ve rather stayed home.

carry on         They carried on to their destination despite the hail and sleet.      The 2 year old carried on terribly when he couldn’t

have a cookie. (carry on here means to behave badly or mischievously)

run around   The phone company gave me the run around when I tried to get my connection fixed.

( to delay, dodge or frustrate someone by providing useless information or directions).

get through      I got through all my work just in time to catch the last train.

get down          I get down sometimes (feel sad or depressed).

catch up            I enjoyed catching up with some friends the other day.

hold on               Hold on a minute till I finish my conference call.

get ahead        She finally got ahead, and got the managerial job she had always wanted.

had by                  I was had by the unscrupulous salesman! (tricked )

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