VIDEO: watch the video above to learn how to say voiced and voiceless consonants in English.

Mastering English Voiced and Voiceless Consonants

Do you say chump instead of jump? Or Rice instead of rise? Or bin instead of pin? These are common mistakes in English pronunciation. The trick is learning how to make the difference between voiced and voiceless consonants, and when to use either a voiced or voiceless consonant.

The difference between voiced and voiceless consonants

– When you say voiced consonants, your voice is switched on

– When you say voiceless consonants your voice is not switched on ie you don’t use your voice

Sounds in this video: p, b, t, d, f, v, k, g, s, z,

Voiced/Voiceless pairs of Words in this video: bin pin, to do, van fan, girl curl, zoo Sue

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