Michael Mcintyre, British Comedian Teaches Us The Australian Accent – Very Funny

Michael Mcintyre (British Comedian) teaches us how to speak Aussie!

Recently I came across a youtube clip of British Comedian, Michael Mcintyre. In this video he talks about different accents and he teaches us the Australian Accent. It was really interesting, and very funny, to see his take on how to speak with an Australian accent! 

In the first clip, he talks about how long and stretched out Australian vowels are. Also, notice once he gets his mouth into the right position – his tongue, lips and  jaw position- how much he has to move his mouth parts to make the Australian sounds.

Of course he’s overdoing it for effect, but even if you’re speaking more quickly, you still can’t cut the vowels short. This is very important for speaking with Australian pronunciation.

You still need to put your tongue, lips and jaw into the right position first, and move your mouth enough- though maybe not quite as much as he’s moving his mouth! He’s exaggerating the Australian Accent a bit for comedic effect! 

Watch the clip in the video above to see how morphs into sounding just like a real Aussie speaker! 

In the second clip, he emphasises that often the mouth is relaxed to speak with an Aussie accent. Of course it’s an over exaggeration and very funny also, but it actually slows the mouth movements down so you can see what’s happening. 

I hope you got a laugh, as well some extra insight into how to speak with an Australian accent. 

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