/p/ Vs /b/ English Consonants VIDEO

Hi, it’s Esther here from Speak More Clearly.

This time we are going to be learning how to pronounce the difference between the English consonants / p/ and /b/ .
The /p/ sound is an unvoiced sound. You don’t switch on your voice when you say it. You say it as if you are whispering. ¬† /p/. ¬†/p/ It is important to notice that your lips are held very lightly together and then released.

The  /b/ sound is made exactly the same way in your mouth, but it is a voiced sound.

I will say pairs of words first with the two English consonants, and then I will say the words in sentences. I will leave a space after I   speak for you to copy. I will repeat each pair of English words and each sentence twice.

The /b/ word will be first,  and then the /p/ word will be second.

Words and Sentences for practising the English Consonants

bush.    push

Don’t push him into the bush.

back.  pack

She put her back pack on.

bull.       pull

He tried to pull the bull out of the pen.

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Enjoy practising!
Bye for now,

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