English AUDIO training- Say these 10 multisyllabic words with confidence

Eng­lish AUDIO train­ing- Say these 10 Mul­ti­syl­lab­ic Words with Con­fi­dence

In the Eng­lish audio train­ing below, I have includ­ed 10 mul­ti­syl­lab­ic words that stu­dents often have trou­ble say­ing con­fi­dent­ly. I’m asked how cer­tain mul­ti­syl­lab­ic words are said, and in Eng­lish this is fair enough! There are a few things to con­sid­er: First­ly, there is spelling to con­sid­er- is the word said how it’s spelled? Which syl­la­bles are stressed, and which said …

AUDIO LESSON Accent reduction -12 animal idioms

Accent Reduc­tion AUDIO les­son-Pro­nounce 12 Com­mon Eng­lish Ani­mal Idioms Clear­ly

I found these cool com­mon, ani­mal idioms, and want­ed to give you a chance to learn how to pro­nounce these Eng­lish idioms cor­rect­ly, and to under­stand when to use them.  At the same time, you get more accent reduc­tion prac­tise  mate­r­i­al. Cred­it Ana­lyt­i­cal Grammar/Grammar Plan­et   Accent Reduc­tion Prac­­tise- 12 Eng­lish Idioms 1. Night owl –a per­son who is habit­u­al­ly active …

English pronunciation audio training-pronounce words when the h is silent

Eng­lish accent-Pro­nounce Eng­lish Words With The Silent /h/ Let­ter

It can often be dif­fi­cult to pro­nounce Eng­lish words because you have to know if there is a silent let­ter in the word or not. This time I thought I would focus in on Eng­lish words where the /h/ sound is silent. Of course, most of the time when you see a word spelled with an /h/ in it you do …

English accent -audio training- pronounce 'ts' consonant cluster

Eng­lish Accent AUDIO LESSON- Quick, Easy Trick- Pro­nounce the ‘ts’ Con­so­nant Clus­ter

Some­times it just takes a quick, easy tip to be clear­er in Eng­lish, and gain a clear­er Eng­lish accent. In this Eng­lish accent audio les­son, I want to share a quick, easy tip on how to pro­nounce the con­so­nant clus­ter ‘ts’ at the end of words. Often, stu­dents I work with find the ‘ts’ clus­ter hard to say quick­ly in …

British Accent audio- great tip for syllable stress in English words

British Accent Audio Train­ing (and oth­er Eng­lish accents)-Tip For Learn­ing Word Stress

In this British accent audio train­ing les­son, instead of focus­ing on how to say the de- stressed syl­la­ble, I have focused on the stressed syl­la­ble.  For some stu­dents it’s hard to use the schwa vow­el to make a de-stressed syl­la­ble. Even though this les­son is titled British accent audio, the tip also applies for the oth­er Eng­lish accents such as …

Video How to say words with l and r in the same word

VIDEO How to say Eng­lish Words With l And r In The Same Word

Some­times, it’s even tricky for me to say Eng­lish words that have /l/ and /r/ in the same word!  Some­times it’s tricky because the /l/ and /r/ are close togeth­er, or because the word is long with mul­ti­ple /l/ and /r/ sounds in it.  Basi­cal­ly, to pro­nounce these /l/ -/r/ words well, you need to just prac­tise them till your …

Accent reduction- How to pronounce long English words beginning with pr

Audio: Accent Reduc­tion-How To Pro­nounce Long Eng­lish Words Begin­ning With ‘pr’

Accent reduc­tion train­ing in how to pro­nounce long Eng­lish words begin­ning with ‘pr’, actu­al­ly ‘kills two birds with the one stone’! First­ly, you make sure you don’t leave out the /r/ sound in the ‘pr’ con­so­nant clus­ter. Sec­ond­ly, you make sure you’re using a cor­rect Eng­lish /r/ sound, and at the same time, you get to prac­tise cor­rect syl­la­ble stress …

Practise how to pronounce words when the letter s says /z/

Audio les­son- How To Pro­nounce Words When The Let­ter ‘s’ Says /z/

How to pro­nounce words when the let­ter ‘s’ says /z/ To pro­nounce words when the let­ter ‘s’ says  the /z/ sound, first you need to know that the /s/ and /z/ sounds are min­i­mal pair sounds in Eng­lish. That means, they’re made with exact­ly the same mouth move­ments except that when you say the /z/ sound, you switch on your …

How to l;earn an English accent- 5 tips Actors can teach us

How To Learn An Eng­lish Accent – 5 Tips Actors Can Teach Us

How To Learn An Eng­lish Accent – 5 Tips Actors Can Teach Us I was recent­ly talk­ing to an actress about how to learn an Eng­lish accent (or oth­er accent) that wasn’t her native Eng­lish accent.  She said she used ‘lay­er­ing’. She said she lis­tened over and over to some­one speak­ing with the accent she want­ed to use. At dif­fer­ent …

VIDEO training- How to pronounce 5 English words-American, British and Australian accent

VIDEO Amer­i­can, British, Aus­tralian Accent-Pro­nounce these 5 Eng­lish words cor­rect­ly

Amer­i­can, British, Aus­tralian Accent-Pro­­nounce Eng­lish Words Cor­rect­ly     This time I have 5 more Eng­lish words for you to pro­nounce cor­rect­ly. These are all words that peo­ple some­times get con­fused in Eng­lish. Best wish­es, Esther Choose:- I want to speak more clear­ly in a… British Accent Aus­tralian Accent Amer­i­can Accent