How to Pro­nounce Silent Let­ters in Eng­lish

Lat­est Video: How to Pro­nounce 20 Eng­lish Words with Silent Let­ters!

Watch my video above you will learn how to pro­nounce Eng­lish words with silent let­ters in them. I show you how to pro­nounce 2o words with silent let­ters and give you prac­tise exer­cis­es so you can mas­ter silent words in Eng­lish.

In this video you will learn how to pro­nounce silent let­ters for words with:

  • silent ‘b’ at the end of the word – climb, comb, thumb, lamb, crumb
  • silent ‘b’ not at the end of the word – doubt, debt
  • silent ‘l’ – calm, balm, palm, half, calf, almond, salmon
  • silent ‘h’ – hon­est, hon­our, hon­ourable, heir, hour, (amer­i­can pro­nun­ci­a­tion only) herb

I’ve also includ­ed a prac­tise sen­tence with sev­er­al of the silent let­ters words in it!

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