How to Pronounce Silent Letters in English

Latest Video: How to Pronounce 20 English Words with Silent Letters!

Watch my video above you will learn how to pronounce English words with silent letters in them. I show you how to pronounce 2o words with silent letters and give you practise exercises so you can master silent words in English.

In this video you will learn how to pronounce silent letters for words with:

  • silent ‘b’ at the end of the word – climb, comb, thumb, lamb, crumb
  • silent ‘b’ not at the end of the word – doubt, debt
  • silent ‘l’ – calm, balm, palm, half, calf, almond, salmon
  • silent ‘h’ – honest, honour, honourable, heir, hour, (american pronunciation only) herb

I’ve also included a practise sentence with several of the silent letters words in it!

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