Sometimes it’s the small English pronunciation errors that can have a big effect on being understood easily when you speak.

One English pronunciation error, that people make is to leave the /s/ sound out in the /ks/ consonant blend at the end of words. This is especially common if the word after it begins with a consonant also.

Just this one English pronunciation  error can make a big difference to your speech clarity,  especially if you have to use it a lot in the words you use at work or socially.

For example if you need to use the phrase ‘complex problem’, and you say ‘complek problem’ it can make you difficult to understand in English.

I have prepared audio training for you so you can tidy this up in your English pronunciation.  Even if you don’t make this error, you can use the training to practise your English stress, melody and intonation.

Small English Pronunciation Error with a Big Effect- AUDIO training


Words ending in ‘x’ or ‘ks’ followed by a word beginning with a consonant

Rolex watches – sell rolex watches

Box with – a box with

Boxes with – 2 boxes with

Makes my – he makes my

Complex problem – the complex problem

Sphinx statue – the sphinx statue

Climax was – the climax was

Reflex response – his reflex response

Coax him out – try to coax him out

Packs the bag – she packs the bag

Talks loudly – she talks loudly

Fakes it – he fakes it

Looks like – it looks like

Looks wonderful – it looks wonderful

Mail box with – the mail box with the blue number

Reflux problem – a reflux problem

Detox needed – lots of detox needed

Sticks for – the sticks for

Walks with – he walks with

Best wishes, Esther

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