Speak English Like A Native – VIDEO

Hi, Esther here from Speak More Clearly – in this video you will learn great tips on how to speak English like a native!

A super useful tip to speak English like a native speaker is to use contractions when you speak. Otherwise, your speech sounds very formal, and not natural like a native English speaker.
When you use contractions in your speech, it makes your sentences flow more naturally with better English rhythm.
Some of my students have told me that they don’t use contractions because they find it hard to get their mouth around the consonant blends,
or two consonants together in a contraction.
When you use a contraction, you don’t have as much time to get from one consonant to another.
For example ‘I will go’, becomes the quicker and shorter ‘I’ll go’ or ‘what had you found?’
becomes ‘what’d you found?’

As well as this, you need to know that contractions including the word will, are all said with an ‘intrusive ‘y’ /j/ sound
and a schwa sound before the ‘ll’ sound. So I’ll , would be written and said as I yəl . We’ll , would be written and said weeyəl /wiːjəl/
Other examples of this are they’ll, she’ll, he’ll, you’ll

Let me give you a great Practise tip for you to make contractions more natural in your English speech.
Take the contracted form that you would use the most in your everyday speech at work or socially,
or the form you find the hardest, and practise it 5 times twice a day for a week.
Then, put it into sentences and continue to practise till your mouth can naturally and smoothly say that contraction.
Let’s practise some together: Let’s say the contraction first, and then a sentence using it.

I’ll I’ll let you know.

I’d I’d like to do a bit more.

They’ve They’ve been waiting.

We’d We’d like to come also.

It’s It’s a good program.

That’d That’d be fine, thank you.

What’s What’s been your experience with that?

What’re What’re you going to do?

We’ll We’ll be happy to come.

I’ve I’ve just returned.

We’re We’re good friends.

I’m I’m very hot after all the running we’ve done.

Why’re Why’re you digging that hole, and how’d you get in?

Isn’t Isn’t it your turn?

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