Even if you don’t have to present or speak in front of a huge audience, it’s always very handy to have some tips about speaking and presentation skills. You may need to chair a meeting, or present to a meeting at work. Speaking and presentation skills, can give you more confidence to speak up in a meeting about your ideas , or give you extra confidence in how you present yourself in an interview. 

Often our customers ask about speech and presentation skills, and also about having a richer speaking voice. So I have gathered a few articles and training blogs you can look at to help you improve your skills in both voice production, and speaking and presentation skills. 

I came across a great article by Andrew Dlugan who is the editor and founder of ‘Six minutes’, a website all about speaking and presentation skills. In this article he coaches you on how to use certain English phrases to transition smoothly from one part of your presentation to another by using speech transitions. He says that “Speech transitions are magical words and phrases that help your argument flow smoothly.”

In the article Andrew Dlugan goes through the types of speech transitions and how and when to use them in your speaking and presentation skills in a very clear and very understandable way. 

Another great article relating to speaking and presentation skills is ‘how to develop confidence speaking’ by Chris Witt a coach for effective presentations.  In the article he  presents 10 tips to develop confidence while speaking and presenting. 

Also have a look at this article that gives you 4 great tips for voice training and fitness.  In this article you learn some excellent tips about keeping your voice safe and strong when you need to present to people, or you have to talk a lot. 

Best wishes, Esther

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