VIDEO: Talk on the Phone Clearly, English Pronunciation

Would you Like to Speak Clearly on the Phone?

Many people struggle to be understood clearly on the phone, even native English speakers! Even if your English pronunciation is good it is still hard to be understood on the phone without having to repeat yourself. Watch my video above for 4 fantastic tips on how to talk on the phone clearly.

English Pronunciation tips to be Understood on the Phone:

English Pronunciation Tip 1: Speak Slowly

  • write out what you want to say and practise saying it slowly and clearly.
  • ¬†record yourself speaking at different speeds.
  • practise saying the name of your company slowly

English Pronunciation Tip 2: Choose One Thing And Practise It

– choose something you know you don’t pronounce clearly in English, when you speak on the phone and practise changing it

– write down what you’re going to say on the phone and put a line under each sound or element that you find difficult

– practise what you have written slowly at first with the correct English pronunciation and then speed up

English Pronunciation Tip 3: Learn The Correct Phone Etiquette

– find out how people usually talk on the phone in each situation ie at work. How do they phrase things? What combination of words do they use?

– notice the way people answer the phone or greet you when they speak to you on the phone and practise that

English Pronunciation Tip 4: Smile

– this may sound funny but if you smile when you speak on the phone you will sound friendlier and warmer

– when we smile our mouth shape changes and so does our vocal tone and resonance

– you don’t need to smile the whole time you’re talking; smile when you say the first sentence

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