I recently came across a great article written by a grammarly.com writer in which they detail 4 great tips about the differences in work place culture in America, Australia and Britain.
The author goes into the areas of Communication styles, attitudes to office romances, dress codes and work/life balance in some detail.
Of course even though in all 3 countries, America, Australia and Britain there are many people who speak many other languages beside English, it’s still important to speak English clearly in the workplace so that poor pronunciation doesn’t cause miscommunication and feelings of alienation, not to mention frustration.

I’ve also included another interesting article -20 things about Australian workplace culture that can surprise foreigners. Mind you Tony Abbott isn’t our Prime Minister anymore!

One more article that outlines some extra differences between British and American workplace culture as well.

All of these articles are useful to give you important information about workplace culture in the 3 different countries to help you integrate better, but don’t forget that another big factor is being understood clearly when you speak.

Best wishes, Esther

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