How to Use The Linking /r/ Sound VIDEO:

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In this video you will learn about how practise linking words in English Рspecifically the linking /r/ sound.
Using the /r/ sound in this way is important so you sound like a local, speak with more flowing and fluent speech in English.
This pronunciation element needs to be learnt for British and Australian English pronunciation. It already occurs naturally when using an American accent.

When a word is written with a silent /r/ at the end, for example her, were, car, for, and is followed by a word that begins with a vowel, the /r/ is pronounced.

Let’s practise linking words in English together…

In the word ‘her’, the /r/ is not said, but if you say a word beginning with a vowel straight after it , for example, ‘apple’, then the /r/ is pronounced.
So in connected fluent English, it’s not said ‘ her apple’, but ‘herrapple’. Let’s put it in a sentence.
Herrapple is on the table. copy me.

And again, Herrapple is on the table.

Let’s do another one.
the words ‘were on’, becomes wereron and again wereron.
And in a sentence :
They wereron the road.

and again:
They wereron the road.

And let’s do one more- copy me
‘for Annie’, becomes ‘forrAnnie’, and again ‘forrAnnie’

And in a sentence-
That’s forrAnnie

Last time : That’s forrAnnie.

So that’s how to use a linking /r/ sound – linking words in English doesn’t need to be difficult – just keep practising and you’ll get there!
Look out for our next video on how to use the intrusive /r/ sound in English.

Enjoy practising!
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