VIDEO: Learn the trick to pronounce the tr sound in English

Watch my video to learn how to pronounce the tr sound in English

My video contains lots of English words and sentences for you to practice your pronunciation with so you can learn to speak more clearly.

in this video you will learn:

  • easy detailed mouth placement to produce and pronounce the ‘tr’ sound
  • get practise using the ‘tr’ blend in words and¬†sentences
  • how you can use this video to work on the ¬†‘dr’, ‘pr’, ‘br’, ‘gr’ and, ‘kr’ sounds also
  • advanced ‘tr’ ¬†‘tongue twisters’ to practise giving you¬†ease and¬†fluency in your speech

Learn how to speak more clearly by correcting how you pronounce the tr sound.

Words included in my video are:

  1. trust
  2. traditional
  3. train
  4. trap
  5. trampoline
  6. transfer

and more!

Please leave me a comment below to let me know if you found this video helpful or which other sounds you have difficulty with.

Best Wishes,


“Speak More Clearly”

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