THR Pronunciation Hack

Learn how to say THR words more easily!

Hi from Speak More Clearly.

In this training video I want to teach you a pronunciation hack. How to say THR words more easily.

Because it’s hard to get from ‘th’ to ‘r’, the native English speaker’s hack is -don’t stick your tongue out as usual for the ‘th’.

Put the tip of your tongue just between your top and bottom teeth.  Or you can even have the tip just at the back of the bottom edge of your top front teeth. You still have to release air when you say the ‘th’ though.

Then you move your tongue back into the /r/ position from there.

Practise Words:










I hope that’s made it easier for you to pronounce ‘thr’ words.

That’s how you do the hack. I’ve made an extended version of this video with lots of practise words for you to master this hack. The extended version will be available to members of our online courses! Click here to sign up for our online course, and get access to the extended version of this video with practise words and sentences for thr.

Also, for more pronunciation, check out this video lesson on /th/ and /dr/ hack.

See you in the courses!

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