Tips for Spanish speakers – How to pronounce English words with v in them

Hi, everyone.

The other day I learned an interesting thing! I knew that Spanish background speakers say /b/ for /v/ in English, but didn’t know that applied to people’s names as well. So if you are called Valentina or Viviana in English, in Spanish the names are Balentina and Bibiana. I thought the names stayed the same in both languages!

In English the /v/ and /b/ are pronounced as two different sounds. For example it is ‘Very’ and not’ Berry’- a berry is a small round fruit!    Similarly, we cannot ban the ‘ban’ from going into the area, but we can ban the ‘Van’ from going into the area!

Try this tongue twister: They banned the very big berry van from going near the bent vent after the vote on the boat.

Have fun speaking more clearly.

Esther Bruhl, Speech Expert.

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