The difference between British RP and American accents when t says d

Video- Dif­fer­ence Between British RP and Amer­i­can accent- When t says d

One Key Dif­fer­ence Between British RP And Amer­i­can Accents – When /t/ says /d/.

Dif­fer­ence Between British RP and Amer­i­can Accent- When /t/ says /d/

In Amer­i­can Eng­lish the /t/ con­so­nant says a light, quick, flapped or tapped/d/ when:

  • the /t/ is between 2 vow­els such as in lat­er, rat­ing.
  • the /t/ is between an /r/ and a vow­el as in par­ty, start­ing, smarter.
  • the /t/ fol­lows a stressed syl­la­ble as in but­ter- the ‘bu’ is a stressed syl­la­ble and the /t/ fol­lows direct­ly after it, mat­ter, light­en.

The /d/ isn’t held on as long as  with a nor­mal /d/ and your tongue just quick­ly flaps up to the usu­al /d/ posi­tion and drops quick­ly.


British: writer  /ˈraɪ.tər/      Amer­i­can: ‘wrid­er’ /ˈraɪ.t̬ɚ/

British: water   /ˈwɔː.tər/      Amer­i­can:  ‘wad­er’ /ˈwɑː.t̬ɚ/   

British: eat­ing  /iːtɪŋ/            Amer­i­can:  ‘ead­ing’   /ɪŋ/    

British: bet­ter  /ˈbet.ər/        Amer­i­can:  ‘bed­der’   /ˈbet̬.ɚ/

British: arti­cle  /ˈɑː.tɪ.kəl/      Amer­i­can:  ‘ardi­cle’  /ˈɑːr.t̬ɪ.kəl/

British: rat­ed  /reɪtəd/            Amer­i­can:  ‘rad­ed’  /reɪt̬əd/   

Of course you will find many more exam­ples of this when you’re prac­tis­ing with our train­er in our Amer­i­can accent course.

Best wish­es, Esther

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