VIDEO: Learn The Difference Between the ‘ch’ and ‘sh’ Sounds in English.

Hi, it’s Esther here from Speak More Clearly
Welcome to this video where you will learn how to say the difference between sh and ch words.

The sh sound is an unvoiced consonant made by the sound of the air coming out of your mouth. To make the sh sound, you close your teeth , put your lips forward and your tongue is toward the front of your mouth.
Your tongue is held wide with the sides of your tongue touching the inside of your teeth in your mouth.
Let’s say it .¬† Sh, sh, sh,

The ch sound is also a voiceless consonant made by the sound of the constricted air coming out. You close your teeth and your lips are held forward, and your tongue is also held wide in your mouth.
The difference is that you put your tongue in position and at the beginning of the sound you don’t say anything but stop the air for a tiny amount of time. Then you release the air with friction.
Lets say it. Ch, ch, ch,

Sh can be held on long sh…. ¬† ch can’ t be held on long ch, ch

Now let’s practise some words. We will say the sh and ch words together so your mouth muscles can feel and remember the difference.¬†The sh word will be first.

Words beginning with sh and ch.  Practise with me.
Shoes.  Choose.
Ship. Chip.
Shange (not a real word). Change.

Now some words with sh and ch at the end:
Wish. Which.
Wash. Watch.
Mash. Match.

And let’s practise words with the sounds in the middle:
Lashes. Latches.
Cashing. Catching.

Let’s say a couple of sentences:
Charles shared the chips on the ships.
They had to watch that the cushions matched their couches.

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