VIDEO: ‘a’ Vowel Pronunciation.

Have you noticed that sometimes vowel pronunciation in English is hard because you can’t hear the difference between two different vowels?

Well, you aren’t the only one!  Some vowels sound so close it is difficult. When you can hear the difference you will find it much easier to pronounce them as well.  The solution: Listen over and over to a native English speaker through headphones and you will begin to hear it.

While correct vowel pronunciation is often harder than consonant pronunciation, using the right vowels is really important. Firstly, using incorrect vowel production immediately shows that your native language isn’t English.

Secondly, it  is often the reason people aren’t clear when they speak or are misunderstood in English . For example, if you don’t make the vowel long enough you could be asking for a ‘shit’ of paper instead of a ‘sheet’ of paper, as someone I know once did in a meeting with the  CEO of his company! Have a look at the ‘i’  ‘ee’ video in the British accent course and Australian accent course if you struggle with this sound.

In this Video: learn to pronounce the ‘a’ vowel correctly

 Learn a special tip for vowel pronunciation in English

Have a look at my latest video to  learn to say the ‘a’ vowel correctly, and learn to hear the difference between the ‘ah’ and ‘a’ sounds.

I also show you a really cool tip for English vowel pronunciation which you can use for any other vowels you may be finding tricky besides the ‘a’ vowel.

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