Why have I called this blog ‘why people with good accents tend to get better jobs?’

I found a very interesting article about this written by a top recruiting firm in the U.S. and would like to share it with you.

I keep hearing the same story over and over again in different forms, from customers regarding job and social opportunities. It’s clear that having clear speech in English, or a good accent, makes a big difference to job prospects and career advancement.

As I listen to the audio assessments  customers have sent me, customers tell me why it’s important to them to speak English clearly. Have a look at what they have said.

People with good accents tend to get better jobs. What our customers have said:

It is important for me to speak more clearly because:

-being in a management role, being able to speak English clearly is important so don’t feel hesitant to speak up or ask questions

-anxious when have to present to others because of a heavy accent

-feel like a bit of a ‘second class citizen’ if I don’t have a good accent

will help in my career advancement

-I have to manage international meetings, and need to be understood by a lot of different nationalities in the meetings

-misunderstood by people around me, and it’s frustrating to have to repeat myself again and again

-is a coach so it’s important to present self well to get clients

-my accent is a barrier between me and the person I’m speaking to ( don’t want this to be the case)

-want better communication skills to perform best in roles such as sales, as a doctor, dentist, I.T. etc

-want to sound smart and show I have the skills for the job

make me look more professional

-I want to be clear to boost confidence

-sick of being asked 50 times if is Indian/ German/ French etc

-as goes up corporate ladder need to speak clearly to influence people,lead with clarity and vision , speak with impact

-will boost my career tremendously

-I want to move to Australia/England/ the U.S.

– want to blend in with the locals – sound more natural, and be taken seriously in my job

– starting a new senior position in a company and very uncomfortable when not understood on the phone, or when I give presentations or workshops

-want to speak clearly to give me more authority  

– want to be more socially accepted– communicate better with others

-unclear speech is in the way of reaching my full career potential

-embarrassed and ashamed of English accent and so I don’t speak up especially in a group


Maybe some of these are true for you?

The very interesting article  I mentioned at the beginning is written about America, but it is definitely relevant to Australia as well as  Britain.

It is possible to speak more clearly and acquire a good accent to advance  your career and work opportunities!

Best wishes, Esther

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