Words Ending In ble, ple, dle – Cable Beach, Australia!

How to Pronounce Words Ending in ‘ble’, ‘ple’, ‘dle’ with an Australian Accent!

Hi, it’s Esther here from Speak More Clearly!

I’m at Wonderful Cable Beach in Western Australia in Broome. So lucky, isn’t it gorgeous? It’s 33 degrees here today. Very hot, but beautiful!

Now in this video, because we’re at Cable Beach, I’m going to teach you how to say the endings how to say the endings ‘ble’, ‘ple’, ‘dle’ etc. Often people put an ‘oo’ between the b and l or the p and l. They say, cay- bull instead of ‘ble’ – cable.

By the way, I am in Western Australia and so I am using Australian pronunciation in this lesson, however, the ‘ble’, ‘ple’ etc sounds are still pronounced the same way for the American accent and for British pronunciation, so you can still use this lesson to practise whichever accent you are trying to master in English.


Practise Words with ‘ble’, ‘ml’, ‘dle’, and ‘tle’ at the end:

Cable /ˈkeɪbəl/

Camel /ˈkæməl/ – Of course it’s not m-l-e, but it’s the same idea. We don’t say camool, we say camel with a short schwa between the M and the L.

Table /ˈteɪbəl/ – it’s not tabool. You’re not ordering to sit at a tabool. It’s table – ‘ble’ 

Puddle /ˈpʌdl/

Little /ˈlɪtl/


Practise phrase- Aussie Pronunciation:

(The ending of the words ‘little’ and ‘coral’ is also the same for American and British pronunciation)

A little piece of coral.


Extra Bonus Practise words:

Stable /ˈsteɪbəl/

Stumble /ˈstʌmbəl/

Couple /ˈkʌpəl/

Turtle /ˈtɜtl/

Popsicle /ˈpɒpsɪkəl/


Practise sentences:

Are you able to sit on a stable table at Cable Beach?

Where feasible look at the people without a hassle. 

The crinkly crocodiles waddled. I don’t recommend the cuddle.


For more pronunciation tips, you may also check this video lesson on how to pronounce words ending in ‘tle’ confidently.

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