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Vietnamese / Australia

Improved 10 X Faster

Esther is a very knowledgeable and experienced lady, she would give you insights and point out mistakes that you wouldn’t think you could have made. You’ll improve even ten times faster with her personal help. All in all, at the end of the day it will all come down to achieving a better lifestyle and relationships when you can be a better communicator.
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Speed Up Your Progress With Professional. Guidance, Take Your Pronunciation To The Next Level. And Speak English Clearly, With Confidence


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Pronunciation Assessment X 1

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Pronunciation Assessment X 2

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*All prices are shown in USD. We recommend you use Pronunciation Training together with the accent training course – if you don’t have this yet, click on an accent: British, Australian, or American, to get the course.

And Finally Sound Like a Native Speaker

You can work smarter, not harder, when you  know exactly what to focus your efforts on to change your accent for clear confident speech.

If you don’t know specifically what you need to work on for your circumstance and background language, changing your accent may seem daunting. Or you may find yourself practising something that isn’t going to make maximum impact on your  speech clarity right away.

In the assessment, Esther or one of our trained speech experts will listen to your audio assessment, and  give you specific, targeted  instruction on what you need to do for you and your language background. Your assessment will include special practise techniques that will give you extra training for how to speed up your progress . These techniques focus specifically on what you need to do to become clearer quickly.

You will also receive specific instruction on the order in which to work on the different speech elements. This can make your progress much, much quicker. By the end of the assessment you will know exactly what to focus your practise on, how to practise it more effectively, and when to send the next assessment recording (if you purchase 2 Assessments).

For example, English is a stress timed language and a lot of other languages are syllable timed. This means people aren’t  clear in English because they don’t know how to speak with English stress patterns and rhythm. This is important because English listeners get the meaning of what you are saying by listening to what words and syllables you stress and de-stress in sentences. If you don’t do it right, you sound staccato and bumpy.  English listeners can’t understand you, especially on the phone when they can’t see your mouth.

After your 1st Pronunciation Assessment, we will give you homework to go away and practise specific elements of your English pronunciation. You will have enough time to work on these elements and get closer to your goals. Then, when you have the 2nd assessment, our speech experts will be able to hear your progress and give you even more advanced  instruction on how to perfect your English pronunciation, and take it to a higher level.  That’s why 2 are better than 1.

When you get 2 Pronunciation Assessments you will be guided by our speech experts. When you implement the training in your assessments you can achieve incredible superior results! If you want to make fast, real progress – don’t do it alone! Get the feedback you need to achieve your speech goals.

How It Works

1. Once you’ve purchased your pronunciation assessment, you will receive access to the voice recording app as well as instructions on how to get started.

2. You will record yourself reading the text we provide and briefly discussing your English pronunciation concerns, using the voice recording app.

3. One of our speech experts will listen and analyse your pronunciation, identifying any problems and areas of improvement.

5. We will then record personalised feedback for you including, how to work on the sounds and elements of English that you are struggling with and which sections of your accent course you should be practising with. We will also show you how to practise these elements in the most effective way for YOU. This speeds up your progress and gets the results you are looking for.

Do You Want To…

  • Get personalised training from world leading speech experts
  • Speed up your clear, confident English speech progress and get results faster
  • Know exactly what to work on, specifically for you 
  • Know where to start and how to get extra value from your accent training course
  • Get specific feedback and tips for your speech based on your background language
  • Know how to fix those elements of English that you’re struggling with to get ahead at work
  • Not waste your practise time – get the most effective, efficient way to work on the course tailored to your needs and know exactly what to target
  • Know how to finally change your speech – If you’ve been in an English speaking country for many years but don’t know what to do to make your accent clearer

Do you want to speed up your progress to speaking English fluently?

  • Trouble being understood on the phone?
  • Frustrated because there are certain sounds you still can’t pronounce clearly?
  • Worried about losing your job or no one hiring you?
  • Want to sound like a native – fast?
  • Need guidance to know where to start with your English pronunciation?
  • Embarrassed or shy in social situations?

If you answered ‘yes’ to any of the above questions, then I have great news for you!

You CAN finally progress to the next level and start speaking English like an native. Affordable, personalised feedback from our trained speech experts!

You just need to know WHAT to practise for YOU. In your pronunciation assessment, you will get one on one feedback tailored to your needs. We will address your main concerns and teach you how to work on your English accent problems for fast, effective results.

As the creator of the Speak More Clearly courses, Esther has over 30 years experience as a speech therapist and has personally trained our speech experts to ensure you get the highest quality training possible. With our personalised analysis, you can progress up to 10 times faster! You’ll be on your way to sounding like a native speaker in no time at all!

Why You Struggle To Change Your English Accent

Why is it so difficult to change your accent? After working with thousands of non-native English speaking people (many of whom have lived, or live in an English speaking country), we discovered the 7 common reasons why people struggle …

  • You don’t have specific guidance to know what you’re doing wrong
  • You’re too busy working in a job or studying
  • You don’t know where to start
  • You feel you’re too old to change
  • You don’t know how to change your accent
  • You can’t afford expensive private lessons
  • You haven’t found the right expert to help you

When you follow our personalised feedback, you will have the tools to change your accent and sound like a native English speaker!

Expert Speech Trainers Esther Bruhl

A leading speech therapist whose greatest passion is to help people communicate freely and easily to make their dreams a reality.

Esther has been working as a Speech and Language Pathologist for over 30 years, helping people to improve their verbal communications skills.

As the founder and creator of the Speak More Clearly Accent Training Courses, Esther has helped over 40,000 people worldwide improve their pronunciation and accent in English.

Those who have experienced Esther’s one-on-one coaching have achieved breakthroughs in their English speech that they can put into practise right away . This has helped them take their English speech to the next level. Many have enjoyed the success of new opportunities including, building better relationships and excelling in their careers.

Esther has worked both locally and internationally and finds it extremely rewarding to support people in helping them speak English confidently and achieve their dreams. Esther has personally trained our speech experts to ensure you get the highest quality training possible.