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Voice Training – Are You Happy With the Sound of Your Voice? Millions Are Not!

Is Your Speaking Voice An Asset Or A Liability?

We are born with the gift of a beautiful voice. As we grow up we can learn bad vocal habits that affect our natural speaking voice. Our goal is to help you retrain your voice, enabling you to speak freely with your beautiful, natural, speaking voice.


Would you like to sound more interesting when you speak?

Use my voice training course to:

  • Speak with a rich, expressive and commanding voice.
  • Put power and self-confidence into your speaking voice.
  • Free yourself from vocal anxiety, tension and fear.
  • Communicate more effectively.
  • Speak more clearly and distinctly.
  • Convey your thoughts and emotions more accurately.
  • Maintain your listeners interest and attention.
  • Earn the respect and trust of your business colleagues.

Do You Suffer From These Common Vocal Problems?

  • Mumbling and/or speaking too quickly to be understood
  • Speaking in a monotone
  • Speaking too quietly
  • Too much nasal tone when speaking
  • Lack of expression
  • Having a high, whiny or disconnected voice

The voice training exercises in “Finding Your Voice” will quickly help you deal with these common problems.[/text_output][text_output]

7 Simple Steps To Finding The Voice Of Your Dreams!

The main areas covered in the course are:

  • Self analysis to discover where to concentrate your effort
  • Breath support
  • Optimum pitch
  • Effective and rich vocal resonance
  • Voice projection
  • Common speaking problems
  • Adding expressiveness or colour to your voice

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