11 Tricky English words-say them correctly-Audio lesson

11 Tricky Eng­lish Words-Say Them Cor­rect­ly-Audio Les­son

I bet you can think of at least 1 or 2  tricky Eng­lish words you have trou­ble pro­nounc­ing or get stuck on. Or 1 or 2 tricky Eng­lish words that you think you are say­ing cor­rect­ly, but peo­ple keep ask­ing you to repeat your­self because they haven’t under­stood you. Very frus­trat­ing indeed!

Often dur­ing my skype  coach­ing lessons, or when I’m lis­ten­ing to an audio assess­ment that some­one has sent me, I find there are some tricky Eng­lish words that are gen­er­al­ly tricky for most peo­ple. This is espe­cial­ly so with longer words where it’s impor­tant to stress the right syllable/s to con­vey the mean­ing prop­er­ly. Because of this, I have cre­at­ed an audio les­son for you to prac­tise with. 

While you are prac­tis­ing mim­ic and copy the melody and rhythm of the words exact­ly. Notice which syl­la­ble is empha­sised and which isn’t and where the vow­el is replaced with the de-stressed schwa vow­el. 

11 Tricky Eng­lish Words-Say Them Cor­rect­ly-Audio Les­son


Note: the ‘uh’ + the schwa vow­el /ə /;  the main stressed syl­la­ble has a ‘ before it.


Con­sol­i­da­tion (kuhn soluh day shuhn)

Dis­cov­ery (dis kuv uh ree) – note: the ‘o’ says ‘u’

Devel­op­ment (di vel uhp muh­nt)

Con­nec­tion ( kuh nek shuhn)

Famil­iar (fuh mil yer -Amer­i­can; fuh mil yuh -British and Aus­tralian)

Cur­rent­ly (ker uhnt lee – Amer­i­can; kur uhnt lee – the ‘u’ says ‘u’- British and Aus­tralian)

Com­mit­ment (Kuh mit muh­nt)  

Con­tin­u­al (kuhntin yoo wuhl)- intru­sive ‘w’

Sit­u­a­tion (si choo way shuhn) -there’s an intru­sive ‘w’ so you can get from the ‘oo’ vow­el to the ‘ay’

Habit­u­al (huh bi chuh wuhl or huh bi chuhl) there can also be an intru­sive ‘w’ in this one

Hori­zon (huh rie zuhn)

Best wish­es, Esther

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