I bet you can think of at least 1 or 2  tricky English words you have trouble pronouncing or get stuck on. Or 1 or 2 tricky English words that you think you are saying correctly, but people keep asking you to repeat yourself because they haven’t understood you. Very frustrating indeed!

Often during my skype  coaching lessons, or when I’m listening to an audio assessment that someone has sent me, I find there are some tricky English words that are generally tricky for most people. This is especially so with longer words where it’s important to stress the right syllable/s to convey the meaning properly. Because of this, I have created an audio lesson for you to practise with. 

While you are practising mimic and copy the melody and rhythm of the words exactly. Notice which syllable is emphasised and which isn’t and where the vowel is replaced with the de-stressed schwa vowel. 

11 Tricky English Words-Say Them Correctly-Audio Lesson



-the ‘uh’ = the schwa,weak form vowel /ə / (learn about the schwa vowel here)

 -the main stressed syllable has a ‘ before it.


Consolidation (kuhn soluh day shuhn)

Discovery (dis kuv uh ree) – note: the ‘o’ says ‘u’

Development (di vel uhp muhnt)

Connection ( kuh nek shuhn)

Familiar (fuh mil yer -American; fuh mil yuh -British and Australian)

Currently (ker uhnt lee – American; kur uhnt lee – the ‘u’ says ‘u’- British and Australian)

Commitment (Kuh mit muhnt)  

Continual (kuhntin yoo wuhl)- intrusive ‘w’

Situation (si choo way shuhn) -there’s an intrusive ‘w’ so you can get from the ‘oo’ vowel to the ‘ay’

Habitual (huh bi chuh wuhl or huh bi chuhl) there can also be an intrusive ‘w’ in this one

Horizon (huh rie zuhn)

Best wishes, Esther

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