Aussie Slang – Learn Australian English Fluency

Here are some classic Aussie slang words!

Hi from Speak More Clearly! This time we thought we’d help you understand some classic Aussie slang words because as you may already know, Aussies love to shorten common words. Often our students are very good at English but they still haven’t mastered Australian slang words and phrases and so they have a hard time understanding Australian speakers and fitting in. 

We’ll say the shortened word first and then the full word and then use it in a sentence.

12 Aussie Slang Words to Understand Australian Speakers Better

1. Arvo – afternoon

In a sentence:

I’ll come this arvo.

I’ll come this afternoon.


 2. Avo – avocado (not to be confused with Arvo)

In a sentence:

Can I’ve some avo on toast?    

Can I have some avocado on toast?

Notice how we link ‘Can I have’ to make it sound more natural. It  becomes ‘CanI’ve’


3. Cosis/swimmers – swimming costume or bathing costume

In a sentence:

Bugger, I left my cosis at home.

Oh damn, I left my swimming costume at home.


4. Budgie smugglers or speedos  – a type of brief swimwear that men wear

In a sentence:

Great budgie smugglers!

I think your swimming costume is great.


5. Chrisi Pressie – Chrissie – Christmas Pressie – present

In a sentence:

I think my Aunt Emma will love that Chrissi pressie.

I think my Aunt Emma will love that Christmas present.


6. Bici – biscuit or cookie

In a sentence:

Who finished all the bicis?

Who finished eating all the biscuits?


 7. Barbie – barbecue

In a sentence:

We’re having a barbie on Saturday.

We’re having a barbecue on Saturday.


 8. Brekky – breakfast

In a sentence:

What’s for brekky?

What’s for breakfast?


9. Bottle-o – liquor store/off license

In a sentence:

I’ll go to the bottle-o on the way to yours.

I’ll go to the liquor store/off license on the way to your place.


10. Chook – chicken

In a sentence:

I’ll get a chook for dinner.

I’ll get a chicken for dinner.


11. Maccas – Mcdonalds Restaurant

In a sentence:

Can we get a burger at Maccas?

Can we get a burger at Mcdonalds?


12. Mozzie – mosquito

In a sentence:

There’re too many mozzies here.

There are too many mosquitoes here.

Notice the shortening of ‘there are’ to ‘there’re’ said ‘therur’ 


Of course, there’re more shortened Aussie slang words, but these are some of the more common ones. If you’ve found this video helpful, don’t forget to share the link with your friends.

Also for more pronunciation tips, check out this video lesson on how to pronounce words ending in ‘ble’, ‘ple’, ‘dle’ with an Australian accent!

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