5 Tips To Increase English Confidence

5 Tips To Increase English Confidence

Sometimes it’s hard to know what to do to increase your confidence in English so I thought I’d give you a start by talking about 5 tips that are easy to implement in your everyday life no matter what your native language is.

¬†1.¬†Use it- to use an old proverb-‘nothing ventured, nothing gained!”

2.¬†Don’t abandon what you’re practising until it’s automatic in your everyday speech.

3. How to fake it till you make it

4. Use the right tools

5. Jump in at the deep end

As with anything you would like to be good at, you need the right coach and tools to practise with and that’s why we created our accent reduction courses with exactly the right guidance to help people increase their English confidence.¬†

Best wishes, Esther

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