Accent Reduction-Where to Start

I am often asked by customers, “Now that I’ve purchased a Speak More Clearly accent reduction course, where should I start?” A great question! Obviously different individuals have different accent reduction needs depending on their background or native language, nevertheless, there are some common areas that everyone can start with.

In the video below I discuss Where to start for quickest results.

Accent Reduction-Where to start

1) Start with your vowels-When you don’t say your English vowels correctly in words, it’s very difficult for a native English speaker to understand because it’s not a common error in English for native speakers. And if you’re tired of being asked where you are from, this is definitely the place to start your accent reduction work. Often, even if a vowel is said only slightly off target, a listener will unconsciously notice.

2) Work on consonants you can’t pronounce-Jump in straight away and work on any consonants you can’t pronounce, or that you don’t have in your native language/s. The ‘th’ and ‘r’ consonants are 2 consonants that usually need work for accent reduction. Most languages don’t have a ‘th’ sound, and often the ‘r’ is made differently to the¬† English ‘r’ consonant.

3) Work on English stress and rhythm- English is a stress timed language so work on syllable stress in longer words and the schwa vowel, how to stress the words that carry the main meaning in sentences, English phrasing in sentences and linking and elision and intonation (There are also free lessons on these pronunciation elements here). We’ve included lots of practise material in our courses so you have lots of practise material to speak more clearly.

Best wishes, Esther

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