English Accent Training- How To Pronounce Words With ‘ng’ at the end. AUDIO Lesson

English accent training can be confusing sometimes! We all know that when we write the consonant ‘ng’ /ŋ/, we see a ‘g’ letter  there, but when we say it, it’s not pronounced. Also, it doesn’t become a /k/ sound either.

So when you’re practising your English accent training, think of it this way:-

When you see ‘sh’ written, you don’t say the /s/ and /h/ as two different sounds, they ‘combine’ to say a totally different sound – sh.  The /n/ and /g/ ‘combine’ to say a different sound, and the /g/ isn’t pronounced separately. It isn’t a consonant cluster where both sounds are said like in the ‘ts’cluster, but becomes it’s own sound. 

English Accent Training- How to make the ‘ng’ consonant

To make the ‘ng’ consonant you put the tip of your tongue down behind your bottom front teeth where your teeth meet your gum. Then, you raise the back of your tongue up toward the roof of your mouth (your tongue doesn’t touch the roof), like when you say the /k/ sound. Hold your tongue up in that position. Switch on your voice to make sound, and resonate or send the sound out through  your nose.


English Accent Training- Audio Training Lesson



English Accent Training- words ending in ‘ng’
















It’s important to know how to link words (also here), to the next word if they start with a vowel.

working on (worki ngon);    running around ( runni ngaround)

ng plus a consonant

trying to;   looking for

Best wishes, Esther

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  1. This is a great course Esther, I am Persian and I’ve never had anyone asking me to repeat myself but my accent has been following me in the last 12 years so I thought to give this a go and even on the first day of practice I can see myself imitating the words a lot better , it’s just a bit hard to fit those pronunciation into my daily conversation.
    I am planning to finish the course and then if you can have a Skype session with me to give me the final guidance would be great.

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