How To Pronounce Success And Other Double C Words Properly

Learn the rule on how to pronounce words with double c in them!

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It can be very difficult to know how to say English words at times just by looking at the spelling. For instance, when we see the word success, we could ask:  is it said susses, or suck cess?

You’ll be pleased to know, there’s a rule for how to pronounce words with a double c in them.

Rule 1. If the c in the second syllable is followed by an ‘e’ or ‘i’, then the second c says /s/, and the first c says it’s /k/ sound.

As you can see, the word success follows this rule, therefore you have to say the ‘k’ in the first syllable, and then the second ‘c’ says /s/.

For example:

Suc cess   

Even if you’re speaking quickly, you need to practise making your mouth go from the /k/ to /s/ consonant without leaving out the /k/.

More practise words:








Rule 2. If the second c is followed by anything that is NOT an e, or i, then the double c only says the /k/ sound.

For example, in the word ‘occupied’ the 2nd ‘c’ is followed by a ‘u’ vowel and the double ‘c’ says K.

Practise words:








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