How To Pronounce The Words Ending In “Cally

Learn how to pronounce the words ending in ‘cally’!

Hi Esther here! Welcome to this  Speak More Clearly video on how to pronounce words ending in CALLY. 

This word ending is pronounced the same way whether you are practising a standard American, British or Australian accent. 

The trick is, that the ‚Äėa‚Äô is said as a very short schwa – it‚Äôs really hardly there at all.¬†

So ‚Äėcally‚Äô /kaeli/ becomes ‚Äėcly‚Äô /k…ôli/. In other words it‚Äôs said, ‚Äėklee‚Äô like the famous artist‚Äôs name, Paul Klee -the English pronunciation of course.¬†

Let’s say it together.

Cally (klee)


1. Practically

Practise sentence:

It’s practically over. 


2. Radically

Practise sentence:

Her hairstyle was radically different.


3. Enthusiastically    

Practise sentence:

Everytime his team scored a point, he shouted enthusiastically.  


4. Realistically   

Practise sentence:

Realistically , we’ll need two more weeks to finish.


5. Optimistically  

Practise sentence:

The company optimistically predicted a 20 percent growth rate. 


6. Symbolically 

Practise sentence:

It was symbolically important for all cultures to be represented. 


7. Statistically        

Practise sentence:

The results were statistically significant.


8.  Magically   

Practise sentence:

My favourite biscuits all magically disappeared! 


9. Cynically      

Practise sentence:

She answered cynically.


If you are used to saying ‚Äėcally‚Äô instead of ‚Äėcly‚Äô for this word ending, you may¬† need to practise with this training video a few times, so the new way of saying it becomes more automatic.¬†¬†


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