Learn Australian Slang Phrases – Aussie English Fluency Training

Here are some common Australian slang phrases!

As promised in our previous video lesson on Aussie slang words, this video will take you through some common Australian slang phrases.

We’ll say the slang phrase first, and then the meaning, and an example. You can also use this video to practice your clear Australian English speech.


1. Ankle biter

Meaning: small child

Example: Let’s go. There’re too many noisy ankle biters here.


2. Feel stuffed

Meaning: to feel full from eating too much, or to feel very tired

Examples: I can’t eat anymore. I’m stuffed.

Let’s not go out tonight. I’m stuffed after all that work outside.


3. Fair dinkum

Meaning: true or genuine

Examples: I think she’s being fair dinkum about the cost of the new car

I think that’s a great pub. Fair dinkum, mate.


4. To barrack for

Meaning: to cheer on or support someone, or a sport team

Example: I barrack for the best football team in the league.


5. Bring a plate

Meaning: if someone tells you to ‘bring a plate’ to a party, they want you to bring some food to share

Example: My party’s next Saturday and I’ve asked everyone to bring a plate.


6. The bush

Meaning: countryside

Example: He went for a walk in the bush.


7. A copper

Meaning: a policeman or policewoman

Examples: That copper will help us find the cop shop.

That policeman will help us find the police station.


8. The Dunny

Meaning: traditionally, a dunny is an outdoor toilet. However, dunny can also be used to describe a toilet in general

Example: The dunny’s over there.


9. The Loo

Meaning: another slang for toilet or bathroom

Example: I’m just going to the loo.


10. The Footy/ Football

Meaning: it can mean Australian Rules football or rugby

Example: I’m going to the footy on Saturday.


11. Chuck a sickie

Meaning: to take a sick day off work when someone is not actually sick

Example: They chucked a sickie to go to the footy.


12. Reckon

Meaning: I believe’ or ‘I think’, or ‘yes’

Examples: I reckon she’s going to slip over on the wet tiles.

Is that too small to fit into. I reckon.


13. She’ll be right

Meaning: It will be ok, It will be alright

Example: I brought my car in to be fixed because it broke down yesterday. She’ll be right.


14. To shout

Meaning: generally, means to buy something for someone. Often heard in Australian bars – people will ‘shout’ a round of drinks for their group. If someone tells you it’s ‘your shout’, that means it’s your turn to buy!

Examples: My shout this time.

It’s your shout, mate.


15. Hard Yakka

Meaning: hard work

Example: It’s really hot. Building that fence is going to be hard yakka.


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