Speak English Clearly in 15 Minutes a Day

Learn this a new tip to speak English clearly in 15 minutes a day!

Hi from Speak More Clearly! Welcome to this English pronunciation training article.

Today I want to give you a tip to build up your clear speech in just 15 mins a day.

You may want to learn to say a particular word more clearly, or you may want to say a phrase or sentence that you have to use often, or you may want to learn to say a particular English sound- vowel or consonant – so that you are understood better when you speak. 

Whatever it is, I’d like to give you a fun easy practise tip that you can use every day.

Today I want to give you a tip to build up your clear speech in just 15 mins a day.

You may want to learn to say a particular word more clearly,

So here’s what you do:

Get 2 fairly large jars – your hand must be able to fit in. You will also need some post it notes, or scrap paper cut into post it note size squares and a pen. Lots of different coloured or textured paper can make it even more fun. 

On jar 1, put a label with the words- ‘My New Speech Adventure’ or whatever you like. Have fun with it. It’s important to put jar one somewhere you pass often. 

On jar 2, put a label with the words- ‘Success’ or ‘Conquered’, or ‘I can say it clearly’.

Then take your first post it note and write a word, or sentence or even 4 sentences with words containing your target pronunciation sound on it. 


Now, the most important part of this is to decide what regular everyday habit you do often, such as walking to the bathroom, making coffee, etc, that you are going to couple or attach to your speech practise. 

This is about small, quick, frequent hits of practise during the day so that it becomes part of your routine, and is a bit of fun.  


Once you decide on your habit, put jar 1 in the relevant place so you see it each time you are carrying out the habitual behavior.

As you walk by, you reach into the jar, pull out the note and say what’s on it out loud. Of course, making sure you are saying it with your new pronunciation. Then, pop it back into the jar, and do the same again over and over. 

Now here’s the trick. As soon as you notice you are using whatever’s on the note correctly in everyday speech, that’s it! Put it in jar number 2. Success!


If you’re practising at a word level, after 3 or so days, write 5 sentences with the word or words, and put them in jar 1 so you can make it automatic in your speech. 

Make the sentences a little bit like tongue twisters so your mouth has to say a few words in the one sentence with the word or new sounds. 

For example:

If the sound is the voiced ‘th’ then don’t just write ‘I went out and then I went home.’ Have 2 or 3 ‘th’ words in a sentence. 

For example:

There aren’t any other ones like these on the shelf. Actually, that’s 4 of them!

For more tips on pronouncing the ‘th‘ sound in an event more difficult consonant blend, check out this blog on our THR Pronunciation Hack


Or let’s say you’re practising the word ‘suggestion’. The sentence could be, ‘ The first suggestion was complicated, so they implemented the second suggestion instead.’

This way you develop your ability, or stamina, to keep saying the word or sound correctly in all places in the sentence. 


So have fun with it and let me know how you go! 

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