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How to Under­stand Spo­ken Eng­lish

Under­stand Spo­ken Eng­lish Bet­ter

Recent­ly, I received an email from some­one who had a query about under­stand­ing spo­ken Eng­lish. I am always very grate­ful for your email ques­tions. This helps me under­stand what dif­fi­cul­ties you have and how to solve them. In this email, my cus­tomer shared some­thing inter­est­ing with me. He had stud­ied and spo­ken Eng­lish for many years.

His prob­lem was not that Eng­lish speak­ers couldn’t under­stand him. HIS PROBLEM was he couldn’t under­stand native Eng­lish speak­ers when they spoke to him.

This can be embar­rass­ing and can make social and work sit­u­a­tions dif­fi­cult.

He asked if I had any tips to help him under­stand spo­ken Eng­lish, and if my accent train­ing pro­gram would help him with this prob­lem. I rec­om­mend­ed the fol­low­ing:-

To under­stand spo­ken Eng­lish, attune your ear.

To attune your ear, use a dia­log that you can lis­ten to over and over again.

YOU HAVE TO — USE HEADPHONES. Why? Because the sound waves vibrate direct­ly into the ear and open up the new neu­ro­log­i­cal path­ways.

In the begin­ning lis­ten to audio mate­r­i­al with accom­pa­ny­ing text.

First you lis­ten with­out the text. If there is some­thing you don’t under­stood, check the text. Then cov­er up the text again and lis­ten to that same sec­tion again. This time it will be much eas­i­er to under­stand spo­ken Eng­lish. You are attun­ing your ear!

To under­stand spo­ken Eng­lish I sug­gest using-

  • My accent train­ing cours­es 
  • My British Con­ver­sa­tions pro­gram. It fea­tures peo­ple from Britain talk about dif­fer­ent top­ics at nor­mal speed.
  • Watch movies with sub­ti­tles (Amer­i­can, Aus­tralian, British etc). Make sure you can switch the sub­ti­tles on or off. Watch with­out sub­ti­tles and if you don’t under­stand look at the sub­ti­tle. Then switch them off again, lis­ten to the same sec­tion once more and keep going.
  • Pod­casts with accom­pa­ny­ing text.

One client I worked with, Kazuhero from Japan, used Amer­i­can sit­u­a­tion com­e­dy shows such as Sein­feld. He lis­tened over and over until he began to speak more clear­ly, and under­stand spo­ken Eng­lish bet­ter.

I explained that all he had to do was this: lis­ten to Eng­lish speak­ers through head­phones for half an hour every day for a month. If you do this your new abil­i­ty to under­stand spo­ken Eng­lish will amaze you!


Best wish­es,


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