When “o” Says “u” Video Lesson

Learn how to pronounce English words where ‘o’ says ‘u’

Hi and welcome to this training video from speak more clearly.

It doesn’t matter whether you are practicing an American, British or Australian accent, there is a group of words in English that are written with an ‘o’, but where the ‘o’ is pronounced as the ‘u’ sound – ‘u’ as in up, cup, fun etc.

You’ll find video and audio training on the ‘u’ vowel in our online courses.

Some of the most common ones are the ones people can make mistakes on because they see the ‘o’ written there and so they say it.

Practise Words:

Let’s practice some. (there you are, ‘some’ is one of these words).

Let’s start with love. It’s not lov, but luv

Cover isn’t cover, it’s said cuver , cuver and the same for discuver

Practise Sentence:

She discovered the cover.

More practise words:











Practise Sentence:

We discovered wonderful, lovely companies in London.

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